Standardising the professional competency acquisition process, consumer protection through high qualifications of the sector s employees, increasing the safety of financial transactions and a higher level of competitiveness of Polish financiers on the domestic and European market - these are the key challenges for the Sectoral Council for Competencies in the Financial Sector. 

The financial sector, as one of the six sectors of the Polish economy, is starting a pioneering project aimed at assuring better matching of competencies of bankers and financiers with new market trends and customer expectations.
The project was initiated through a partnership between the Warsaw Banking Institute, the Polish Bank Association and the Polish Chamber of Insurance, and is implemented under the Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development 2014-2020. In total, 25 entities are represented in the Council, including commercial and cooperative banks, industry organisations, higher education institutions and training companies.




  • Including the Sectoral Qualification Framework and selected sectoral qualifications in the Integrated Qualifications System, which will simultaneously ensure that Polish sectoral qualifications are linked with the European market,
  • Conducting research and analytical work within the scope of the sector s competency needs to serve as a basis for undertaking new initiatives,
  • Initiating and supporting preparation of new sectoral standards, including qualifications, in response to new development trends, taking into account regulatory, technological and demographic changes,
  • Developing sectoral cooperation between all stakeholders aimed at shortening the response time of the educational and training offer to the sector s newly emerging competency needs,
  • Working to increase the development prospects of young employees, who will benefit from good organisational order, greater transparency and comparability of qualifications, also in an international dimension.
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